Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What Am I Going To Do?

As you all know, i'm jobless now.. What's my plan? I'm not really sure, feel so hopeless and no direction... I graduated almost 2 years already, but i gained and did nothing..

What am i going to do? I really don't know.. But i plan to do small business, at least to get some income while i'm jobless. To start up a small business, i need money! Where to get money? Maybe i'll try to get some small business loan, which are easy process, fast funding and excellent service. But what business am i going to do? Do you have any idea? Do drop me a comment if you do.

I have some planning in my mind but not full plan, so may not work. If it's working, i'll announce here as well.. :D


La Femme // Aida said...

i suggest you come up with a proper business plan first before you take the loan. not that you wont do well, but many businesses tend to flop because they lack a good business plan and they can end up in worse financial situations, especially with the loan and all. think of what i told you the other day. plan properly before you jump into any deal. wishing you all the best and hope to see you in kl again soon. miss you lerrr.... GONG XI FA CAI ya! :) *hugs*

Lee Chien said...

hmm.. that's why i'm still considering.. really need a good proposal for it... it takes time...

thanks alot ya, always encourage and give me advices.. =D

hope to see you soon too.. :D

Sani said...

Online business is a good prospect :)

Lee Chien said...

yup, agree with you, so i'm now trying to understand it..