Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Permai Rainforest Resort - Part 2 (End)

Here comes the Part 2 of Permai Rainforest Resort. As i had mentioned in Part 1, it was raining for almost 3 days, so there were only two places that we hanging around, which is room and the cafeteria.



Menu on our second night wasn't bad..

Nice fruits as desert some more..

Damai Beach is just beside Permai Rainforest Resort, but we couldn't go...

Nice sky.. But was gonna rain soon again..

Compare to beach and resort, i still prefer beach, hahaha... Though Damai Beach just right beside Permai Rainforest Resort, which is just a small bridge distance, but the weather for my few days stay wasn't so 'pretty' so i couldn't go.. Long time i didn't go beach, haih...

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