Saturday, February 16, 2008

Low Connectivity

Really fed up sometimes if i wanna online.. My house has no internet connection, and it's so inconvenience to go outside online. What can i do is only using the wireless connection available at my house area, if there is.

I am really addicted to blogging and online, feel so uncomfortable when i can't online. But the wireless connection now, which is from don't who nearby my house area is not that good also, because it is from don't know who and it also means that it will disconnect anytime and of course, the connectivity is not that good as well.

What can i do when the connectivity is low? The page cannot be loaded properly, very slow, and if it is disconnected even worse, so i am taking every chance to upload some photos or write my post in advance, save it first and continue next time. Even blogging is so inconvenience, so all those online casino games i have to give up for the moment as well.

I wish that i will be getting usb modem soon so that i can online as long as i want.

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