Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Miss...

Yeah, Tomato Sauce Kuey Teow was the first local (kch)food that i eaten since i back to kch. Location was somewhere in 7th mile...


Jagung Peng


This is Tomato Sauce Kuey Teow!!

It was few years already that i didn't eat Tomato Sauce Kuey Teow, seriously! hahaha... I had ever asked my friends in KL about Tomato Sauce Kuey Teow but seems like it doesn't exist there, only in kch..


Apple said...

I prefer tomato mee (fried one). Not really a great fan of kueh tiaw.

Lee Chien said...

oh, you like fried mee oh.. i dun like leh, bee hoon also dun like, coz i dun like they deep fried first then serve with gravy, duno why dun like, but if it's yee mee still ok.. i think kch dun have yee mee leh..