Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Engagement Rings

2008 is a good year, a good number for most of the Chinese isn't it? I believe many couples are planning to get married this year. And before getting married, most will have engagement first.

Have you prepared your engagement rings yet? How about engagement rings with diamonds?


Everyone dreams to have an extraordinary wedding, which is different from others. Even engagement rings, i think you do not wish to see the same ring on other people's finger, don't you? How about design your own diamond engagement rings?


Not too inconvenient or complicated, as you can choose your engagement rings or design it by yourself can be done easily by online now.


墮天使-祥 said...

Where is your engagement ring ? Plan to design your own as well ?

It looks very expensive.

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. mine still long way to go lo.... if i have money, sure i wish to design my own.. you?

墮天使-祥 said...

I dont have engagement ring, I only have marriage ring.

I check at the wikipedia, the engagement ring should cost around 2 months of man's salary.

Lee Chien said...

i just went to your blog, hahaha.. now only i know you already marriage..

yea, to get married need alot of money leh...