Friday, January 25, 2008

Love vs Hate

I was tagged by NAFA.

1. I love to eat: chocolate, seafood and any delicious food



2. I hate to eat: lamb, beef, eggplant, capsicum and etc...


3. I love to go: beaches


4. I hate to go: crowded places
5. I love it when: i can do whatever i want
6. I hate it when: when being forced to do things i don't like
7. I love to see: nice things (sunset?)


8. I hate to see: dirty things
9. I love to hear: nice music
10. I hate to hear: hated person keep talking there


Dato' Fazly said...

i love music and hates dirty things too...!!! heheehehe

Lee Chien said...

dato' fazly,
hahaha. same same..

rambochai said...

wow... that must be really sweetty... :) .... i cant get this so sweet in a day... but i like to eat chocolate as well :P

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. most people like chocolate, it's not resistible... hahaha..


Very interesting answers! Thanks for putting this up. =)

Oh those chocolates u put up are making us salivate right now. We are huge chocolate lovers! Hehe. But cannot eat too much or else we'll get diabetes. ;p

Starz in De Sky said...

I hate crowded place too... dunno why

Lee Chien said...

there are bitter chocolates available too.. hehehe.. and chocolate helps in depression as well..

starz in de sky,
yalo.. crowded place makes my mood turn bad..

EmiLio said...

choclates! i love them to the max too!!