Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Last Day of 2007

How did you celebrate your new year eve? I was working till late that day, about 11pm+? So after work, went to Wing's Cafe nearby to have my dinner. Wasn't quiet dinner, as there were crowd and most of them were waiting for new year 2008.

Honey Milk Tea

Cheesy Black Pepper Fish

Classic Fish & Chips

Glow in dark sticks were given to everyone before the countdown started. Nothing special, i left there right after the countdown and before the lucky draw ended, tiring new year eve.


curryegg said...

Oh no!!! I am hungry right now looking at these photos... gggrrruuuuuu

aaron_tch said...

hungry >.<

please 'da bao' for me next time


- yEng - said...


Lee Chien said...

food there not bad la.. but slightly expensive lo..

hahaha... tapao food not delicious one, eat there only delicious ma..

hahaha.. find a day go to have big meal, sure very shiok one..

Apple said...

This is making me hungry...
they look really delicious.
How bout the price?

Trinity said...

waaaah I love to eat those kind of meal and drink!! Just perfect for me! droooll....

Lee Chien said...

ahahha.. not bad, quite delicious, but kinda expensive also, coz it was new year eve and they increased the price, each main course about rm17-19..

but kinda expensive wor.. (for me..)