Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Lost My PR Too!!!!!!

Yesterday Apple posted an entry in her blog that she lost her PR (Page Rank)! From PR3 to PR0. I faster checked mine, still at PR3. But after few hours, it becomes this!!!
OMG!!! What happened?! I saw many comments left in Apple's blog, seems like we are not the only who lost our PR. PR has not much affection to me, but i'm unhappy too as it was PR3 and now PR0....

If it's because of sponsored reviews, i think it sounds kinda funny as well. Most of the bloggers working hard in PR, to get more sponsored reviews perhaps. And because of sponsored reviews, bloggers lost PR.

What is this? Retribution?!


Apple said...

Don't be sad now. PR is really nothing at all. After this incident, I stumbled upon a lot of blogs. There's one very nice tech blog with nice layout and content. I checked it's PR and guess what? It's 0. Oh, I forget to mention that I know about that blog from the 60th ++ page in google search engine index. I purposely see the search results from the very back end. I don't believe that those results that listed at the very end is bad quality. So, it's true. PR is really nothing.

Lee Chien said...

thanks for your words!! i agree with you! i'll just ignore it, have or dun have i dun wanna care liao, i just wanna keep doing on what i'm doing on my blog.

thanks... :D

Forumer said...

Hi n how are u ?? One of my blog decreased in PR too. And one major reason is becoz that Pay Per Post's badge, HIRE ME. There are nothing wrong with other paid review actually, as long as we do not mention it's a paid post.

So i blacklisted PPP now for doing that. heehe. Neway, still PR important too. Our link in Google index will lost gradually if our PR lost too. But don;t worry, Google will update PR for next time change. Just make sure there is no PayPerPost related in our blog! All the best :)

Lee Chien said...

thanks alot, but i never mentioned any paid post in my blog i think.. anywhere, i'll be waiting for it.. :D

宝茹 said...

Yeah, don't mind PR much. It's just one of the many ranking tools out there.

Lee Chien said...


yeah... and thanks ya.. hehehehe..