Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chinese New Year Is Coming!


Yea, Chinese New Year is coming very soon! Have you all prepared or preparing for this biggest and most important festival of Chinese?

This year, i'm really expecting for Chinese New Year, because i'm going to resign end of this month and going back to hometown soon. Almost all of the families do 'big' cleaning before Chinese New Year, so do i. Before i go back, i have to clean my house here (luckily i have vacuums cleaner, as i'm allergy to dust), so that when i come back or my parents come here it will be clean and tidy. I'm going back hometown kinda earlier this year, so by the time i'm going to help my parents to clean and make up the house as well.

I'm expecting for Chinese New Year, how about you?


墮天使-祥 said...

I am expecting Chinese New Year too. This is the only festival that I expecting very much in a year.

Although I have to give ang pau now, But I still very happy and excited too.

May be till now, I haven't grow up yet.

Lee Chien said...


hahaha.. i'm expecting for it too.. :D

wah, you have to give ang pau now oh... me still cannot give ang pau yet, and cannot get any as well, hahaha...

墮天使-祥 said...

come to my house and you will get it.

ha ha.

Your parents dont give you ang pau meh?

Lee Chien said...

hahahaha.. cny i'm going back hometown.. only my parents will give lo, but i'm working edy, i should give them too la, hahahaha..

creme said...

hey hey..y resign huh?btw, whr r u working?