Sunday, December 23, 2007

Malacca Crocodile & Recreation Park

After TheFriends Cafe, went to Malacca Crocodile & Recreation Park. I shouldn't use my RM5 unwisely just to see few crocodiles and a place that is dirty and 'abandon'...

Nice entrance

'Palia' ticketing counter

Fake crocodile

These are real





I wasted RM5 just to enter to Malacca Crocodile & Recreation Park, and wasted another RM2 to Mystery Mirror in there. No photos of Mystery Mirror here as it was too 'scary', few mirrors and wet place. I just entered the 2nd room and came out again. There were no reasons for me to continue again but tons of reason for me to discontinue.


levian said...

has been years since i'd been to a crocodile farm, since i was a kid i believe. haha. would love to see them in "live" so much. :D

LuPorTi said...

i went there last year. i didn't enter the mirror house but the haunted house. the interested part is, i feel TOTALLY NOTHING after i came out.

墮天使-祥 said...

You are using the word "waste", I been passing by so many times, but never have enough guts to enter. Now seem like I have no more reason to enter anymore.

Apple said...

The mirror thing is creepy?

Lee Chien said...

wah, you like crocodile ah?!

after i entered mirror house, others i duwan to try edy, not worth at all..

i really think it's a waste to go... trust me.. unless you never see crocodile before.. it's really nothing inside..

it's dirty and.. you can imagine, i stepped in the room, just a simple room covered with wood, then floor are wet, the roof still got water leaking, and the mirror just placing there like how ppl placed it at home, older than our home de mirrors some more...