Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are You Care for Your Loved One?

I still remember when i was primary school time, i had a moral class and there was a story about parents and children:-

One day, a father asked a son to help him along in moving his mother (grandmother to the son) on a wheel chair and send her to forest. The son helped and before he leave his grandmother, he asked his father to bring back the wheel chair. The father was curious and asked for reason. The son said,'So that i can use it to send you to the forest when you're old.'

When you read newspaper, i am pretty sure you have read many before about old folks been discarded by families. Would you do this to your parents who feed you since you're an infant, grow you up to be an adult and support you in whatever the things you wanted to do?

If you really have no time or not willing to take care of your old folks, please, at least find a nursing home for them, DO NOT ever discard them! If you have no idea about all these, please find Bettercaring.

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Anonymous said...

sharing this with those who we luf

Lee Chien said...

yeah... do not ever discard your loved one!!!!