Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Health Tag

I was tagged by Sani.

1. What is your definition of ‘healthy eating’?
Less sugar, less salt, less ice cube, no msg... can all these considered healthy eating?

2. Do you exercise on a regular basis? What is your favorite form of exercise? Least favorite?
I have no time to exercise now, really busy. I like swimming and scuba diving. Least favorite.. i don't really like exercises that generate sweat, hahaha...

3. Do you take vitamin supplements?

4. Can you tell that your body is getting older? If so, how?
Of course getting older, whose body is getting younger? Have to maintain lor...

5. Would you call yourself healthy?
I think should be healthy, at least i'm not sick now..

1 comment:

johnny said...

everyone has different definitions of real health