Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ear Plugs - Hearos

Heard of Hearos before? It is the most comfortable and affordable hearing protection products in number of varieties, styles and functions to fit each and every individual's need.

Hearos - I do need it now. You know what, the upper level of my office is doing some kind of renovation and really pissed me off. I believe this daily noise interruption will cause long term damage to my hearing, and especially to my working mood as well. Now, i am really aware of the importance of considering the long term preservation of my hearing.

Before that, i knew only swimmers ear plugs, but there are many more, such as:

- Musician Ear Plugs
- Ear Plugs for Sleeping and Snoring
- Travel Ear Plugs
- Motor Sports Fan Ear Protection
- Target Practice Hearing Protection
- Study Aids
- Loud Noise Ear Plugs

I wish i could get one pair soon. Hearos is available in America and i can't find any retailer in Malaysia, anyone, can provide me this information?

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