Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dragon I

Dragon I Restaurant, located at Sunway Pyramid. It's a Chinese Restaurant, lots of 'la mian' there, hahaha..


This towel cost me RM1.00

Sugar Cane with Water Chestnut

Winter Melon, Longan with Sea Coconut

Taiwan Fried Chicken Cutlet 'La Mian'
(the 'la mian' soup was.. i don't like it..)

Fried Rice with Ham, Shrimp and Fish



Renge said...

wah~ many nice food~~~
d 兵马俑 r real o fake 1?

camy said...


笨鱼 said...

the interior quite nice ya~
it's expensive? Located at Sunway, i think not so cheap right?

LukXiuFung said...

how is it? taste good? the interior look cool~ in Sunway....I like La Mian, duno delicious or not :P

Apple said...

I think at Mid Valley (near the hotel lobby) also got one, right? Dunno if it's the same one, because the thing I remember is the 兵马俑.

The chicken one looks delicious...

宝茹 said...

Nice ambiance! :)

I hate it when they charge us those towelettes~~

Lee Chien said...

i think is fake one la, i never seen real one before leh.. and it's china's property, i dun thk it's so easily to appear here..

so so only, but quite expensive..

it's really quite expensive..

soup of the la mian not so nice, it's my own opinion, i prefer tu long one..

i'm not sure if you're talking about tu long or not leh, coz tu long also got la mian, the chicken not bad..

yup, the ambiance quite comfortable lo.. hehehe...