Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ceiling Fans

Are your house or office still using ceiling fans? Outdated?

Well, ceiling fans have been available for more than a century and with energy costs rising, are more popular today than ever before. For pennies a day, ceiling fans will cool you in the summer and warm you in the winter. They are energy efficient and, even at high speeds, use less electricity than a 75-watt light bulb.

Fans actually save energy, lowering cooling costs alone by as much as 40 percent. In the summer, ceiling fans circulate the air in a room, creating a wind chill effect. The air circulation can make a temperature of 78 - 80 degrees Farenheit feel like 72 degrees Farenheit. As a result, the air conditioning thermostat can be set to a higher temperature, saving energy. During the winter months, ceiling fans set to the reverse “winter” setting recirculate warm air that rises to the ceiling, providing an even, comfortable temperature by moving the warmer air down to the living areas below.

Looking for good and nice ceiling fans? You are just right here.

Farrey's offers thousands of unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers including:

- Casablanca Fans
- Craftmade Fans
- Ellington Fans
- Fanimation Fans
- Hunter Fans
- Luceplan Fans
- Matthews Fans
- Minka Aire Fans
- Modern Fans
- Monte Carlo Fans
- NuTone Fans
- Quorum Fans
- Westinghouse.

You may shop by ceiling fan brand or by ceiling fan style. Farrey's ceiling fan customization system assists in configuring and ordering ceiling fans to exact specifications with all accessories. Their ceiling fan search tool quickly helps find the perfect fan for your application.


笨鱼 said...

Ceiling Fan really save energy and cost.
If u switch on the Air-con, u switch on the fan in the same time, it can let your room cooling faster.Same effect as Genting Highland~haha...

This ceiling fan design is really it available in malaysia?

flux said...

i agree,i alwiz switch on ceiling fan together with air cond.

that way,ur skin wont be that dry and u wont feel like frozen food...haha

Lee Chien said...

hahaha... i never think of genting tim... ferray's no outlet in malaysia, courier lo, hahaha.. you may find in other electricity shops as well i think..

yup, it's true... and my house now no air-cond oh...