Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2nd and 3rd Esprit

My 2nd and 3rd item bought from Esprit... Nothing special, just normal T-shirts, with really low prices, hahahah..


SilverIsle said...

LOLz. Why you only show the tags but never show the clothes one? =P

I don't know lar. But I often think that Esprit's clothes are overpriced. And they always have discounts which make the clothes bought during non-discounts periods lose their values fast. Haha.

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. maybe next time lo, coz it's very normal t-shirt only,hahaha..

i dun buy esprit also normally, same thoughts with you, OVERPRICED! (MNG also, hahaha..) unless got sales. you know, these 2 t-shirts cost me rm39.9 and rm19.9 only, hahaha.. cheap ho!

宝茹 said...

I love Esprit too! But quite expensive~~