Monday, October 8, 2007

The Fight Against Child Abuse: A Tribute To The Late Nurin Jazlin (1999 - 2007)

I am supporting this movement from NAFASG Team. I hope all my visitors would participate.

In our times of darkness, children are the ones who will brighten us up. No matter what ordeals we have to endure in our daily lives, we know that we can overcome them the moment we set eyes on children. Their innocence and purity in them will always give us a sense of peacefulness and calm that is beyond words. And it goes without saying that life would be meaningless without seeing them smile, hearing them laugh and cry, and feeling their small and flawlessly gentle hands that want to reach out to us.

Yet, there are some who show no empathy and sensitivity towards these beautiful souls. Worse still, they would dunk themselves into physical violence and cruelty towards the children without even thinking twice. Such acts can deem someone to be worse than an animal, because even an animal has compassion and love for its young.

What is going on with this world? Why must such horrid acts be carried out? Why do t
hese people ever exist in this world?

Please take this time to read this special message from us, and show your utmost support and sympathy towards the family of the late Nurin Jazlin, who passed away tragically and brutally at the age of only eight. Little Nurin Jazlin’s body was discovered in a gym bag on 17th September, one month after she was abducted. Upon the discovery, she was seen to be in the most horrifying state ever. Her hair was short and curled up, when it was originally straight and long. Her body was pale and badly bruised from head to toe, and there were traces of foreign objects like brinjal and cucumber found in the virginal area of her body.

Parents of the deceased took a long time to acknowledge her death, but eventually did after all the thorough DNA tests had been carried out by the forensics department. Her body was finally buried on 21st September. Her father, Jazimin Abdul Jalil, had expressed his sorrow towards this tragedy, stating that whoever who caused her death was not a human being, but rather, an animal.

This was the result of an outrage of modesty (See Picture On The Right) caused by a man of age between 35 and 40, who was thought to be someone who enjoyed torturing people, particularly children. Along with him was a 23-year-old lady, who was apparently his partner in crime. The lady had been found and called for questioning by the Malaysian authorities, whereas the man has yet to be found. Hence, we are urging all of you here to play your part in finding this serial killer cum sexual offender and ensuring that justice is served to the deceased and her family.

If you know of the culprits’ whereabouts, keep us informed immediately, or directly inform her uncle, Jasni Abdul Jalil, via his blog, which he had specially created as a form of dedication to her.

Over the years, we have heard of children’s lives being taken away due to the evil doings of heartless adults. Nurin’s death was one of the most gruesome and tragic deaths that made many of us shocked, despaired and furious. Do you want more children to die in the hands of these sadistic people? Do you still wish to hear such saddening news of child abuse?Then let us do our part right away! Together we can make this world a better place for the little ones. Let us all join hand in hand and put a stop to such cruelty towards them once and for all! Fight against child abuse today.We have created a logo to show our support towards the fight against child abuse. If you would like to join in this movement, please copy and paste this article in your site and place the logo. After displaying this article, leave us a comment and we will add your link in our list of bloggers who have voluntarily helped us in this movement.

Bloggers Unite Against Child Abuse



Hi Lee Chien...

Thanks for putting up this post. Really appreciate your kindness. We will add your link into our list of bloggers who have posted the article.

Take care Lee Chien. And hope that our combined efforts will place the culprits in prison where they deserve to be.

Lee Chien said...

You're much welcome!! I'm trying to help here.. i know the society now is sick... like i told xiaoyenzi, human is scare of human.. it's really very terrible...


Yes that is true Lee Chien, but there are some people like us here who are not sick like them right? So we who are not sick should do our part to help our society live in peace and be free from all these evil monsters.

Frankly, we still can't get over the demise of the girl. She was so beautiful. Those culprits had better be found and arrested soon.

Lee Chien said...

I hope those culprits had better be found and arrested soon also, they're created problem and caused death... sentence should be given once they had arrested, to stop the fear of public..

Mini said...

A child's life should be celebrated. This makes me so sad.

Lee Chien said...

ya, we're sad for this tragedy also.. it was just too terrible... :(


Hi Lee Chien,

This is very important.

Please remove the post mortem pictures of the girl.

This is to respect the parents and her.

Thank you.

Lee Chien said...

alright NAFA, i'll remove it asap..