Thursday, September 6, 2007

'Jason Chan - First Experience' Press-Conference in Malaysia

This was happened on 29th August.

Thanks alot to Vin Wee, the owner cum GM of Wizard World Cafe for inviting us to his Cafe at 6th Floor, Sungei Wang. And thanks again for reserving us a nice table (right behind of the reporters), with nice food and drinks.

Jason Chan is a new singer from Hong Kong, i think he's probably only about 24 years old. Yvonne said he looks like 'Nicholas Tse', what do you think?

What i can say is, he's really skinny and .... not tall....

Close up of the backdrop

The backdrop

On-stage interview

Off-stage interview

Is he skinny?

Is he cute?

Other than his 'out-look', his songs are not bad also.... People say his voice like some of the Hong Kong artists. Well, i have no comment.

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