Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 19th Birthday, LEEONG!!

Yeah! Today is the day, a big day for LEEONG, it's her birthday, hahaha... I 'celebrated' (not really celebration also, just 'yumcha') earlier with her during Sunday.. We went SS2 - YIPPEE CUP and WILLIAM.

She ordered Normal Bubble Tea (no pearl one, finished already, so funny...)

I orderd Iced Chocolate. See the different from the menu and the one that came to me, i not yet drink or stir ya... I'm just wondering, where is my CREAM and CHOCOLATE CHIPS??? The Yippee Cup Toast, different also.. In menu looked so tasty...

After Yippee Cup, we went William's Mamak. This is a roadside high class mamak, i don't joke, it's true and their food really NICE!!!! I was sharing with LEEONG - Large Ribena Longan and Special Seafood Pasta.

It was night time and at roadside, plus my shooting not so good, so these are photos that i'd taken. There were tiger prawns, scallops, mussels, fresh water prawns, squids..... Lots of seafoods in our Special Seafood Pasta... It costs only RM25 and we could only finish about 90%. It was so worthy for the food and drinks here! These chefs are in the taste!

Lastly and most importantly:-

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leeong said...

thank you berry muchie :))

Effadylia said...

wow... your blog is interesting, i love the pictures... =)

Apple said...

waaaaaaa..........looks tasty neh..
want to eat!!

Lee Chien said...

next time bring you to william's mamak, really nice food there oh...

thanks, and i'm gonna visit your blog now, hehehe...

leeong said...

i went to da one at one u.. tea set and drinks all look better than da one at ss2 :P

Web Tools said...

Happy belated birthday!

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