Thursday, September 13, 2007

Genki Sushi

I went Genki Sushi at Sunway Pyramid the other. It's been so long already i didn't come to dine in Genki Sushi.. During college time, i came here quite often, almost every week (with jessy, hehehe..). Now nearby my apartment of office area, there's no Genki Sushi. I have to come all the way to Sunway Pyramid (the nearest) to have Genki Sushi.

Alright, this is not a dinner, but just a light meal before the movie started.

A must drink Green tea

Rotating Sushi Bar

Kanikama - Crab Stick

Inari Salmon Skin

Tamago - Sweet Egg

Salmon Salad



These were the light meal i had before the show started, simple and few items only but nice... Especially when you've missed them for so long and that's really feel great!


Apple said...

wow sushi...
hungry now..

J@n!ce said...

You reminded me that I haven't taken jap food for a long time. I missed it.

I've got a sakae sushi voucher will hop over to one this weekend :)

Janice Ng

Lee Chien said...

wah, sakae sushi voucher... i wanna go sakae sushi next time... hahaha..