Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm glad that i went Pizza San Francisco for dinner last night.. I never tried any food from here, i just know that Pizza San Francisco is the competitor of Domino's Pizza. It may not the best for pizza, for i believe it's the best for some other menu.

The menu looks so attractive, see the lamb ribs.. (though i don't eat lamb)

Fresh Lime Tea
(i really regretted to order this, it's just like a normal Teh-O-Ice, without sugar)

Ice-blended Chocolate
(this is so nice, it's rich in chocolate)

Mushroom Bruschetta
(you must try this, i give this dish 95%)

Fish & Chips
(normal fish & chips, but the fish was so freshy, no all the restaurants can offer nice fish & chips)

(hmm.. i could only say not bad)

Some decorations on the cashier table

Mouse World?? It's cute right...

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