Saturday, August 18, 2007


Vanilla and Strawberry Popsicles

Strawberry with Vanilla Ice-cream Bars

Raspberry-Kiwi Ice-cream on Stick

Orange Popsicle on a Stick

Home-made Rhubarb Yoghurt Ice-cream on Sticks

Mango Ice-cream on a Sticks

Lemon and Strawberry Ice-cream on Sticks

Green Mint Ice-cream on Sticks

Grapefruit Ice-cream & Lemon Ice-cream on Sticks

Chocolate Covered Ice-Cream Bars


Apple said...

oh~~ u make me wanna eat ice-cream right now. all of them look so delicious.

spookygrace said...

wah! ice-cream neh... >.<''

Eddy.. said...

i like those ice cream, thnx for visitng my block welcome to come always ^^

jhayelle said...

hmmm...Yummy! Thanks for the visit! xlinks please,Nice site! I love icecream!