Monday, August 27, 2007

FHM 2007 - Part 2

I found this funny Italian guy at the FHM 2007. He was actually selling the Garlic Grater and demostrating the way to use the Garlic Grater.

When using the grater, one must remember to moisten with cold water or to lightly oil the surface of the garlic grater, when working with produce that releases water. (e.g. garlic, ginger)

For Garlic: hold the clove between your thumb and index finger, the root of the garlic pointing up and the tip pointing down, grate the garlic over the bottom of the dish, (it doesn't matter whether one uses a circular motion or back and forth) as the pulp forms, gather it into the middle of the dish with the help of a brush, (e.g. a paint brush) working from the outside inwards. The pulp will form into a ball in the dish's centre. Then, simply turn the dish upside down and tap the pulp into your recipe. Rinse with cold water immediately before normal washing. The grater is dishwasher safe.

The grater works equally well for the following:
- Ginger
- Strawberries
- Parmesan Cheese
- Nutmeg
- Olives
- Apples / Pears
- Carrots
- Lemons
- Nuts (Walnut, Almonds, Cashews)
- Chocolate

This Garlic Grater comes with set of the crusher (for garlic only), grater and brush, which this whole set cost RM50.00.

To buy Garlic Grater, please contact:
Phone: +60 95677178
HP: +60 148369640

You can email them to make order and they'll send over Garlic Grater to you. =)


aidarulz said...

hey fren....u promote Garlic Grater now ka?? ekekekek....get paid for advertising onot?

Lee Chien said...

nola, ust the guy is really cute, hahaha...

Apple said...

you should have take video and upload it here to show his "cuteness" haha.

Lee Chien said...

i forgot about it, and too noisy there also, but next time will do it, hehehe...